The agenda for the 21st NCCAN is available below. Through workshops, policy forums, skill seminars, master sessions, showcase workshops and spotlight sessions, the Children’s Bureau is committed to offering an experience that features a cadre of compelling and thought-provoking speakers, interactive learning opportunities, meaningful conversations, and engaging networking opportunities.

The agenda is searchable by session title, date, time, and presenter. The 21st NCCAN features sessions that are 3 hours, 90 minutes and 40 minutes in length. Should you choose to attend 40-minute sessions, you will have the opportunity to attend 2 sessions, either showcase workshops or spotlight sessions. To review the agenda, select a date and time below. Select any session that interests you and it will open to show you the description, presenters, and session format.

Please refer to the Agenda At A Glance to assist with your session selection during registration.